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Studentenwerk Aachen - RWTH BlueCard



Cashless payment
in the Studentenwerk Aachen canteens


Cashless payment by Blue Card  – 
How does it work?

AufwertautomatIn all canteens are well visible card loading terminals where you can top up your card with funds. With the money on your electronic wallet visiting the canteen is quick and easy: Pick a meal, go to the checkout and put your card on the card reader – done.





Lost or defective BlueCard/FH Card
Please contact the RWTH BlueCard Service Point (Information desk Super C) or the FH Karte Service Office.

At the Studentenwerk Aachen Info Point, Pontwall 3, you can get information on your balance.
Data Protection: The BlueCard and the FH Card are reloadable chip cards that only save the balance and the card number. No personal data such as name, frequency of use or personal preferences for certain meals are saved/ registered.


Cashless payment by Guest Card – How does it work?

Of course, other canteen guests also have the possibility of making cashless payment: At the Guest Card terminals you receive Guest Cards for a deposit of 5,00 €. Payment by Guest Card is just as easy as payment by BlueCard or FH Card – you put your card on the card readers at the canteen checkouts.

But: When your card is lost or defective please contact the Studentenwerk Info Point, Pontwall 3.

Please note, that the Guest Card terminal returns the deposit and the remaining credit in coins and that you receive a maximum amount of 24,90 € (5,00 € deposit + max. 19,90 € credit) at a time.


What needs to be considered when paying with by BlueCard, FH Card or Guest Card?

Please check whether you have enough credit before choosing a meal and lining up.
You can only get one meal at student price at a time.

When you are uncertain about your balance you can either use the card loading terminals or the card readers, which are also located in the canteens, in order to check the balance – best before you start your lunch break.

Topping up your card at the cashless checkouts is only allowed in special cases and not appreciated by the cashiers and the other customers because payment processes get unnecessarily disrupted. As the cashless checkouts do not have any change, only exact amounts (5 €, 10 € or 20 €) can be loaded on the card.


Further information on cashless payment:

Unfortunately, students of FH Aachen are excluded from cashless payment in canteens because FH Aachen does not yet offer a chip card system comparable to the BlueCard. FH students must therefore pay at the cash checkouts. By presenting their student identity card they can of course eat at student prices. For financial reasons, the Guest Card should not be used by FH students or any other students, for it automatically debits the guest charge of 1,50 € when payment is being made.


Studentenwerk Aachen AφR
Info Point, Pontwall 3, 52062 Aachen
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 8:00–16:00, Friday 8:00–15:00
Tel.: 0241 / 80 93 200
E-Mail: servicedesk@stw.rwth-aachen.de


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