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In particular the internet information and communication platform for foreign students could be created because of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) support.
Within the timeline we have been striving to improve knowledge and daily life conditions and situations for foreign students in Aachen by providing substantial information and expert advices. According to the different phases of the 'student life cycle' (before – during – after) the visitor discovers many useful insights, available in English, German and Chinese as well. In addition, students' experiences, the e-mail-newsletter and the cafeteria dictionary are completing our online service.On top of it we present more than 130 links , which could be evaluated or edited. This collection provides an excellent overview of services and information related to Aachen as the university location.

International scientists and students find out more about living in Aachen on www.aachen-emotion.com - fascinating photos, interviews, stories, audio files and video clips featuring Aachen presented by Aachen City Council.