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CLAUDIA aus SPANIENMy name is Claudia. I am 24 years old and come from the Canary Islands. Three years ago I spent a year on an Erasmus student exchange scheme, studying Mechanical Engineering in Karlsruhe. I am currently finalising my diploma thesis as a visiting student in Aachen.
There was no question about where to go, because I had been missing Germany since my participation in the exchange programme ended.

Germany is a good example of a tolerant country. I feel much more free then I did in Spain. I like the traditions such as the Christmas market, Easter Egg Search and the rush to the open air, whenever some sunshine appears. I have the impression that the germans get great pleasure from such events. But I confess that Germans are too strict in obeying rules and regulations. Anyway I could imagine myself staying here for a longer period of time.

There is finally one typical cultural behavior which really surprises me: Germans go to the discotheques to celebrate, where they drink beer, and loud music drowns their talking – instead of dancing?