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Wir über uns

In January 2006 we launched special online information and communication options for foreign students. The planning and development of this project was influenced by the systematic project management orientation including the international impact on these pages. This was based on the English and Chinese language versions.

The project focus was two-fold: to increase the usability by information and knowledge transfer and to provide added value to the student as a website visitor by placing an emphasis on the 'real life experiences' of the students in Aachen. The section „timeline“ is an important element, where we fulfill our role as service provider by presenting well-structured, carefully selected content. The students can find here 'hands on' guidance and information relating to the different phases of their studies. In addition we increased the communication by introducing a contact forum „Meetingpoint“ , student reports on 'Living in Germany', the eGame memory, an email newsletter and a restaurant dictionary.

To maximise the value of our web presence we are fostering the networking and link exchange with the online resources of our university partners, with student groups and the municipality.